With our feet in the sand

About two weeks ago, Julie and I made a little trip to the sea to relax and catch up a bit. Obviously, we also spent a day with our feet in the sand!

We couldn’t spend the entire day sitting on our lazy asses, so… we made a sandcastle! Julie never made one before *say whoat* so this was so exciting! We were both so excited as two seven-year olds 😉 3 blisters later, (Julie didn’t have a single one) we owned our own sandcastle *booom*(Later on, we saw a little boy jumping on it. So, we didn’t own it for a such a long time.)

That day I was just wearing a Levis bodysuit; it has a bathing suit fabric, so, I use it as a bathing suit! (I really like the colorblocking part of it!) and some basic jeans shorts.  More beach posts will follow!

Photos by Julie Landuyt

Levis bodysuit Zara shorts (old) Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses