Why I never wear long skirts!

In my previous post, I made a mini city guide to Paris. This one is a little more fashion and aesthetic focused, with some of my favorite spots.

It is no surprise that I am a fashion lover… otherwise this would not exist I guess! So, it is pretty obvious that fashion musea are without a doubt my favorite type of musea. Visiting the Yves Saint Laurent museum? Oh hell yeah;)! If you are a fashion addict like me, I would certainly recommend it. They have some truly exquisite pieces. So, it is a cloud nine for every fashion lover (Including me of course ;))

The Eiffel tower, indubitably an insta-worthy place. Did I pose like the archetypical fashion blogger over there?… I confess! Not only did we visit the insta-worthy places we also went to Cimetrière du Père Lachaise? I don’t have any photos of that, because I wanted to respect the deaths.

Now …my favorite architectural spot in Paris: The Louvre! It is such a damn delightful place! I am not, in particular, talking about the museum, but the building itself. The mix of ancient and modern, something I would like to integrate into the interior of my future home! If you ever have the chance you have to go to ‘the Louvre square’ you will lo(u)v(r)e it 😉 Ok, roast me for that pun hahaha

You may have noticed that I never wear long dresses or skirts. The reason why is that, I am a minion… and I don’t want to disappear/drown in my clothes /let my clothes wear me. But… because I saw a lot of gorgeous long clothes on the gram, I decided to give it a try… and now I already have 2 of them! One of them is this blue one with white flowers and golden little detailing. The weather wasn’t that summery so a sweater came in handy. I honestly felt good in it! And that’s the most important in my opinion! I didn’t draw nor disappear! Yes, I am holding my metro ticket in some pictures ?

Photos by Het mamaatje

Vila dress Brandy Melville sweater Louis Vuitton bag Tommy Hilfiger shoes Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses