Why I am wearing glasses

No, I didn’t transform in the female version of Harry Potter nor do I have bad eyesight! Crazy me had the wild idea to integrate my computer glasses in one of my daily looks.

Accessories always bring an extra touch. We all can agree on that one! And I bet you didn’t witness the ‘fake’ factor (they are not fake… they just don’t have any prescription). So, why not? Do they make me look more intelligent? That is all up to you 😉

The outfit I am wearing is an inter-season-switch look. Ton-sur-ton always does it (throwback to this one) and I really like some good old earth tones. Lately, I have been wearing jeans non-stop. It was time to bring some variation. These copper pants are ideal and they have the ‘bloggerfactor’! I am seriously having some difficulties with keeping all things natural (I just can’t!) otherwise, it is just so basic and that makes me uncomfortable (said no one ever). That’s why I HAD to integrate some colorful ‘ugly’ (that’s what they are supposed to be according to the fashion critics. In this case, I think they are pretty, you still don’t know what I am talking about or maybe you have an idea, ok this ‘in between part’ is way too long 😉 ) dad sneakers! It was also time to bring one of my favorites back: the ‘Gaëlle purse‘, which was the big star in my first blog post ever! Further on hahaha… just like my glasses, the scarf has no other purpose than the aesthetic;).

Photos by Len Blockmans

Pull&bear jersey and necklace Zara pants New look coat Tommy Hilfiger shoes Kamy hat scarf Fosill watch (de westhoek) Amazon computer glasses

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