What I saw in Warsaw

As I promised here, I would share a post about my short trip to Warsaw in Poland. So, here it is!
A few weeks ago I went to Poland, only for 2 days, but enough to share my experience with you.

First of all, we discovered the new city in the north. One of the first things we bumped into was this massive ‘I love Warsaw’ sign, that made me look like a hobbit 😉 (Take a look at the huge building in the background)

After that we went through the park and enjoyed a little winter walk, with a palm tree(!) in the middle of the city center. How clean are these streets?!

After that, we arrived in the old city with the iconic colored houses. Just in time to watch the changing of the guards at the Parlement. Just like every tourist, I took an uber-touristic picture of the Palace square.

At the end, we gave our feet some rest with a Costa coffee. Those Costa coffee shops are literally on every corner of the street. And to finish some food pictures of our diner 😉

We had a really lovely trip and I hope you do too when you make a trip to Poland.

Butterfly kisses