Ton-sur-ton in Budapest

You may or may not know that I recently made a little city trip to Budapest with ‘ de Antwerpse vrouwenclub plug, the sorority for which I do the PR & media.

It was day 1 and this is what I wore on the plane (miracle of miracles, I didn’t have any anxiety attacks!) minus trousers. Ok, this sounds waaay too weird, let me explain. The hoodie is from the men’s department (XL)… I know AGAIN! I actually saw someone else rockin’ this look so I thought I would give it a try! Ton-sur-ton really worked in this case, I mean… the coffee is even matching the look 😉 On the plane I wore a pair of black jeans extra. Did I have too warm? Actually, no! (Was my suitcase too heavy? Don’t judge a book by its cover! but you are right, of course, it was!) But one way or another this was more comfy en practical. It is a lovely look to travel with a little twist! My advice: just try it, don’t be afraid!

FUN FACT: It is the second time I bought these heart-shaped sunglasses because I lost the first pair on the train. So now, I paid twice for a bargain! They are just so crazy and bomb!

H&M hoodie New look coat Kamy hat scarf purse(diy DLsport shoes Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Butterfly kisses