The wrap dress

In one of my previous post, I already mentioned ‘my relationship’ with long skirts and why I am not such a devoted lover of them! What I also confessed is… that I own 2 (up till now ;))!

Pink and green, my favorite childhood combination! It’s a little eye-catching, but…hey it is (getting) summer for something! I can’t recall the last time I wore a wrap dress and I forgot how effortless and easy to wear they are. A big thanks to Diane von Fürstenberg! This one has a big split… so, I have to watch out for an ‘and I oop-‘ moment 😉 A timeless summer trend and I am crushing on it!

To be honest, these pictures are taken with my iPhone so the quality is not the top of the bill. Currently, I am studying for my finals. So, I don’t have the most time on my hands (can’t wait till vacay!) My secret weapon against the noon dip: coffee! The battle/ addiction is real! I mean, the local coffee shop man of the Jean-Pierre already knows my order by heart! So, that explains the coffee cup 😉

Photos by Michelle Pairon

CKS dress Tommy Hilfiger shoes Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses