The marvelous Málaga

malaga havenMy good friend Sam and I decided to go to Málaga in Spain. Málaga is a beautiful place with a wonderful nature, a delightful harbor, nice shops and bad wi-fi. And that last fact is the reason why I didn’t post in a while. But I am back!

alcazaba tuintje ikWe had an awesome trip! We did so much stuff! We visited the beautiful city centre and its harbor. We attended the wonderful cathedral of Málaga. And we honoured Picasso by going to his museum. We also did some exercising and culture at the same time by climbing up the Alcazaba. A Moors fort, which gives an amazing panoramic view to the city. Next to the fort is a ruin of a Romain theatre, as an ex-Latin student I couldn’t let that slip away. Our trips nearly always ended in the mall, which was also the train station.

jetski2We also took time to relax at the pool with a cocktail, while we were hoping to get a little tan ; ) We also did something new: we went jet skiing! And it was awesome, we had the time of our lives. We went full speed on the Mediterranean sea, while we screamed so loud, that I believe the beach-goers could hear us ; ).

malaga wij

Back in Belgium reality hit us, because suddenly it was Autumn (read as Winter).

Butterfly kisses