Sunshine and summertime

Just had my last exam *woohoo*! This also explains the delay and the reason why I didn’t post on my normal Monday post day. So, not only has the vacation started, but so has summer! And guess how happy that makes me 😉

This Saturday I will be going to France with ‘het mamaatje’ (the mommy), which I already talked about in this post. So, a lot of France stuff will be coming up.

Besides that, I have some fun, casual summer pictures for you, which were actually made in spring on a really sunny day (#lifeofablogger). To be honest with you, I will really miss this town while I am away, but luckily it is just for a while 😉 The nineties instagram-worthy disposable camera filter is made with an app called Huij, in case you were wondering. If you’re completely in awe with this lovely outfit (if i can say so myself), details can be found in this post!

Let the summer begin and I wish you all a lovely summer with endless joy!

Butterfly kisses