Sporty and classy

To all the people who say that you can’t be sporty and classy at the same time, I will prove you wrong! Not that I found a new innovation that doesn’t make you look sweaty while jogging or anything…but a silver lining between sporty pants and office look!

Now a day, there are lots of clothing pieces on the street and in the stores that have a sporty look. Some, I really like, but others are waaaay too casual. People always say that you must stay true to yourself, so I did.

I created a sporty office outfit, with a preppy touch! The mix between sport and classy begins with the jogging pants and the blue striped shirt. Last few weeks, I am really into shirts! (So, there will certainly be more coming up) The preppy touch I talked about is in the cute white scarf, which matches with the white accent in the stripe on pants. I really like such accessories, they give an extra dimension to your outfit. So, the search for more cute scarfs is on!




Photos by Lara Moore

H&M shirt Zara check blazer and jogging pants Pertini shoes Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses