My first solo travel experience (ever) in Canada

Another travel post! This city trip post is going to be a special one, cause it’s all about ‘My first solo travel experience (ever) in Canada!’.

I always wanted to travel all by myself. This year I finally did it! Picking the right cities wasn’t easy I am still a 19-year-old girl/woman. Eventually, everything worked out extremely great. I didn’t feel unsafe once (except one time, when there was suddenly a fight going on behind me!)

My first stop was Montréal. The best description I can give is: the Parisian vibe blended with the topography of San Fransisco (I have never been there before, but in my imagination it’s hilly!) Things you have to visit there: Mont-Royal, don’t be lazy, it’s worth the climb and it’s free (Make sure you have a map, lots of passersby were lost! but I came prepared!) Ile des Soeurs quiet, peaceful and gives you a great view over the city. Old Montréal very lovely, lots of coffee worthy places. Explore, taste a bagel and sample some maple syrup!

After three days, I made a 6h train trip to Toronto. It’s no secret that I love big cities, skyscrapers, and subways (the transportation service, not the sandwiches). Toronto definitely was a place for me. The first day, I wandered around the financial, entertainment and distillery districts. That last one was the most touristy (little boutiques, cafés, …) but worth the visit. What I didn’t do was the CN tower (and other uber-touristic attractions that were too expensive.) What I did do was visit the Niagara Falls, but damn that trip took me 5h to go all the way up there and 5h back (it was just me accompanied by my frustration and no one to cheer me up and THAT was the toughest part). I also attended my first ice hockey match ever *go leaves go*, a must-do! Besides that, I visited some vintage stores but didn’t buy anything due to the lack of space in my suitcase.

My tips to travel on a low budget: use public transport or just walk, avoid the tourist places (most of the time they are too expensive and end up as a setback, my opinion), eat a hearty breakfast skip lunch and enjoy a full dinner, takeout/ supermarket, Airbnb, go hiking, buy official resale tickets, don’t visit stores/restaurants that you can visit in your home country, plan your outfits, wake up early and enjoy every single second!

Butterfly kisses