My exclusive backstage Laundryday adventure

Check out the video’s here (exclusive video at the end)

This June I was checking out lineups of some upcoming festivals. While searching, I discovered the great lineup of Laundry day. I contacted my good friend Alexia and so we booked our tickets. Because we wanted to do something different, we decided to book VIP/backstage tickets.

On 2 September 2017 we attended the 20th edition of Laundry day. After waiting for a while we got our festival bracelets and continued our way to the festival terrain. At 2pm we went backstage and enjoyed Davoodi, DJ Mad-D, Noisecontrollers,… and many others while we were hopping from stage to stage. At the top deck we could have a perfect view and enjoy the fancy VIP beers. The set of Faisal couldn’t be missed of course. When we went to the Thrillers stage to attend his performance, we crossed our first celeb Jan-Wouter the singer of Tout va bien. And our next celeb already stood us up? , Ella Leyers (Belgian actress and Faisals girlfriend) was friendly waving back, while we got to the stage. The rap music mixed with old school hiphop pleased our ears and brought us in a fantastic atmosphere.

Tout va bien

We continued our journey to Tout va bien, who spelled our ears with his beautiful husky and vulnerable voice. I just never get tired of his songs. Queen of Sheeba, This fight,… I love them all. I hope I can drop by one of his club concerts.

Lil’Kleine did an outrageous performance at Roxy x Exo stage. The crowd went wild and it was a complete madness. He did a fantastic job and gave the crowd what they wanted. While we were having the time of our life, I caught a glimpse of Mathieu (the lead singer of Bazart). When we left the stage, we saw the whole band of Bazart gathered together. I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. So, I collected all my courage and ask my favourite band for a photo. Which was no problem for the gentle boys. *They certainly made my day*

21616700_1508298162581866_557187449_o (1)
My epic picture with Bazart

21556029_1508297492581933_1935986229_oAfter a short chat, we attended Coely’s performance where we had a great view. Her show was insane. She was accompanied by the amazing DJ Ephonk en rapper DVTCH NORRI$. Her songs are so powerful and you just feel that she means everything about what she says. She can do it all: she rapped, sung and beatboxed. And she blew everyone away with her incredible voice. You just got to love her. We couldn’t do anything but dance and sing along.


In the VIP space was a party going, which we couldn’t miss. I have to say the truth: what they say about wild VIP parties and drunken celebs is true. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We partied a little and went back to the Mainstage to go to our front places to check out Warhola. Warhola is a solo project by Oliver Symons (who also plays the keys at Bazart). It has a very unique sound and that’s why it’s so special. I love his songs and the way his voice can be like a character in Ovidius’ metamorphoses. He has a mind-blowing falsetto voice, a magical voice. Still in the Warhola trance, we slipped in to watch Jebroer. Where we coincidentally run into Coely. We congratulated her with her outstanding performance and she replied that she saw us dancing. I can assure you she is sweet as pie (she even replied with a heart to my instagramstory). Love that girl. *My week was made*

We even appeared on the Instagram of Daan

And it only became better… We heard from other people that they slipped on the Mainstage. We made every effort and sneaked in. Nervous as hell I stood there at the side of the Mainstage, watching Bazart getting ready. We could see everything from the sidelines: the last group hug, the boys nervously jumping up and down, Mathieu encourages everyone by yelling ‘Come on guys’,… I even wished Daan (the bassist/ pianist of Warhola and Bazart) good luck and told him to do the greetings to Paulien (my favourite blogger and his girlfriend) and I told him to tell her she is awesome, which made him laugh.*My month was made* The show started and I couldn’t believe what was happening. My ultimate festival dream was coming through. I never dared to hope for this to happen.*My year was made* The interplay was on point. So as the interaction of course. The boys did an outstanding performance and blow my Bazart socks off. After their show they quickly took the festival golf cart and there they went… We soon discovered we weren’t the only ones who sneaked in. And with our heads in the clouds and without any realisation about what just happened we left the festival terrain. If I had a remote controller, I would rewind my life and I would go over this moment over and over again. *My life was made*

Check out the video’s here (exclusive video at the end)

Butterfly kisses