My Christmas wishlist

My Christmas wishlist

I received a suggestion to make a Christmas wish list and of course I like to fulfill your wishes ; )

  1. An Aritzia scarf: I have been looking for the right scarf for a while now and I think this one comes pretty close. I must say that I love the camel color, camel for the win!
  2. Asymmetrical earrings from &otherstories: Lately, I am looking for asymmetrical earrings, but they are not that easy to find. (Tip: big earrings are becoming a thing this winter)
  3. A Jo Malone home candle: I love coming home to a fresh and familiar smelling place. Plus, these candles bring you in a no time cosy atmosphere (You can even let engrave them)
  4. A silk scarf: They can put such a nice twist to your outfit. I don’t even mind if they are second-hand.
  5. A cookbook stand: No, I am not starting with cooking lessons, it is just handy for my schoolbooks#spacesaver
  6. A sport shirt: Well, this is a necessary one. Right now I don’t have a particular one.
  7. A power bank: This one is also quite useful. Now, I have this little which charges my phone for about 1,5 times, which is nothing!
  8. Jewelery keeper: Hello, gold! Hello, beautiful piece!
  9. A Mapiful from my hometown: How cool is this! I could really use some wall decoration, because my walls are a bit blank at the moment.
  10. Disposable camera: Love the old school vibe and the pressure that you only have 1 shot to do it right!
  11. Artificial jellyfish: I just can’t help it, I saw this one and I don’t know if I have to find it creepy or awesome. Maybe it is the mix of both which I am so attracted to.
  12. A record player: I am a little embarrassed that I don’t have one, because everyone seems to have one except me. I adore the authentic vibe!
  13. & 14. LPs: A record player without records would be a little silly. So, I selected my 2 favourite albums: Tsar B by Tsar B & On the outside by VRWRK

    I also always like to be surprised!

Hope you got a little inspired! Have a lovely Christmas!

Butterfly kisses