Mix & patch

I still don’t know what was up with the universe, but last week I had an extremely good week!

This skirt has been hanging in my closet form a little while now, because I wanted to wear it when the time (read as: fall) and weather (read as: not raining) was just right. And mother nature FINALLY blessed me with those two things (told you the universe was acting weird!)

Just like I am not a turtleneck person, I am not a corduroy fan. But this skirt slightly changed my opinion. The fact that 2 totally different fabrics (corduroy&jeans) are patched and mixed in one single piece creates such a unique and edgy vibe. The ‘funny part’ is that the mixed patches are also integrated in my coat, which I still had from last year! Maybe I am just a sucker for the mix-and-patch-thing  😉

It was also time to dig out some hosieries and a scarf. That last one had a pretty big impact on the total look! The pattern just completes the whole outfit and even gives it a mini eclectic vibe!

P¨hotos by Valerie Vangramberen

Pull&bear skirt Hollister shirt Zara coat Karma jewlery Ice watch watch from de westhoek Dr. Martens shoes Kamy hat scarf Louis Vuitton bag

Special thanks to De Westhoek for this amazing opportunity!

I only collaborate with brands after which I stand and can reflect myself in!

Butterfly kisses