Indian summer

Last few days, we are having a real Indian summer! So, I have literally spent the past days in summer clothing.

The Indian summer vibe inspired me a bit in my #ootd. Well, I took more the cowboy-kinda-way, but yeah, you know what I mean! So, my cowboy snake printed belt had to be included. Ok, I am starting from the back on with the accessories right now, but whatever 😉

The next ‘cowboy element’ is in the shirt. A jeans shirt BUT with white paint spatters on it. (I already got lots of comments for that… but in my opinion, it just gives an extra dimension to it!) And I pulled my beloved white skirt back out of the closet! It has a strong summer vibe. So, I want to take advantage of the last moment I can wear it.

(Mommy and I made a little hiking trip this weekend. So, that explains the floral background. And if you didn’t notice it yet, that’s my natural hair!)

Close-Up shirt The sting skirt Pull&bear skirt Brandy Melville necklace Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses