Fall preparations

At the beginning of last week, it was still such a summer weather that a shirt was the best thing to wear at that moment.

A few weeks ago, I bought a shirt with a square cut neckline for the first time in my life and a genuinely never thought that I would love it that much! Not only does it accentuates your necklace (in case you’re wearing one, which I recommend) but also your collar bones, which I find very nice!

So, we all know that green is one of the it-colors this fall/winter (don’t blame you if you didn’t know). Why not combine it with another trend? Checks, in this case, grey (with a little blue) ones! This fall quest will be all about the booties and I still didn’t really find the right ones. In the meantime, I wear these velvet shoes with rhinestones (I guess). So, the search is on!

Photos by Valerie

Brandy Melville shirt and necklace Zara pants and shoes H&M bag Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses