Amsterdamn Pt.2

The sequel to part one, here it is! It has been a while since I went to Amsterdam, but it is never too late to bring up some memories 😉

Welcome to memory lane! Like I wrote in my part one post, we did lots of sightseeing in Amsterdam, but we couldn’t make a full city-city-trip in 2 days. So, I guess, I should definitely head back sometime!

We took some pictures while wandering around (read as: I made my dad take some pictures of me 😉 ) The insta-typical picture at ‘Het Rijksmuseum’ couldn’t be left out. In reality, the bridge over the ice rink was so unimpressive, that we both got the giggles 🙂 So, that gives a little more background about that one! The clarification on the mason jar shot… The last evening, we visited the Kanarieclub. I decided to give the raspberry-lemonade a try and I received my lemonade in a mason jar, so this girl was beyond happy with her mason jar! Can’t tell where my mason jar-obsession came from… I am such a toddler!

Well, what can I say… Amsterdamn, see you soon!

Photos by Christophe Goubau

Zaful bodysuit Pull&Bear pants Zara coat Dr. Martens shoes Louis Vuitton bag (my moms)

Butterfly kisses