GsËLLE.be launched in 2017 is an online blog; a cocktail of fashion, lifestyle, travel,… Maybe you are wondering who is behind this project… well that’s me.

My name is Gaëlle Goubau. I’ve been living on this planet since 1999. I study communication science at the University of Antwerp. In the future, I would like to do something in the media. Fashion and acting are passions. What I like about fashion is that you can always put your personality in your own style. I started this blog because I wanted to take some action in my life. While looking at other bloggers I wondered if I could do this my own and we will see…

Even if you just pass by or if you check this page frequently, I hope you like it and maybe my posts will inspire you to follow your own dreams.

You can always follow me on Instagram or drop a note at gaellegoubau@gselle.be

Lots of butterfly kisses

Me (Gaëlle)