100% me

I must admit, that I am actually really excited about this blog posts look! Simply because it is just 100% me! And to be honest, I love every single piece of it! OK, enough enthusiastic talk, maybe a little more about the look itself 😉

The truth is, that I looked for a white denim skirt for quite a while. But … as it usually goes with things that you are looking for, you can’t find them! And it really took a while, but eventually I did find it. The only fact that keeps me worried (and it still does) is that I am afraid that I will spill on it. (I am clumsy person 😉 ) Up till now, it is going pretty well (surprisingly) *well, knock wood*. The second piece, which I am so thrilled about is my Troy Bolton tee from Brandy Melville 😉 (That is what I name it) And I am so excited about it that I already bought a second one! As you probably guessed it, these pictures are taken on our trip in France.

Photos by ‘het mamaatje’

Brandy Melville ‘Troy Bolton tee’ The Sting skirt (here in blue) loafers Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses