Warmth wanted

I like spring and I adoooore summer. I can’t wait for the long summer evenings, vacation, the warmth, … but my favourite part is the wardrobe change. While I am impatiently waiting for spring/summer finally to enter, transitioning outfits are definitely a must.

This time I went for a basic outfit. One of the upcoming spring trends is stripes so I obtained for a with-blue striped tee combined with a kimono. Well, the kimono that you see me wearing is actually a summer dress (a little touch of summer is permitted). I kept it quite easy and  integrated an America Today khaki leather looking skirt (a sale score). BUT, It is also the time of the year for my biannual pantyhose issue: when do you stop/start wearing them? It’s something that I am trying to circumvent for a couple of years, whithout success 😉

Photos by Lara Moore

America Today tee and leather looking skirt Abercrombie&Fitch kimono (dress) Gaëlle purse Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses