The trenchcoat

At the moment, I am having vacation (read as: keeping up all the school work, so I won’t get any trouble). But through the work, I also witnessed the first sunny day of the year ‘whoohoo’. It seems to be the only day so far. So, I created a mid-sunny-days look.

Last weeks, I saw a lot of trenchcoats passing through my social media… So, I thought I should do something with them 😉 . The problem is that I don’t have one myself. At a certain point in my life, I banned all long coats, they just made me feel extra short and clumsy. So, I borrowed one of Lara, I must admit that I really like it! I was thinking about the beige colour and blue immediately popped into my mind. That is ‘the story’ behind the simple jeans and blue shirt!



Photos by Lara Moore

Massimo Dutti trenchcoat (borrowed from Lara) Abercrombie & Fitch skinny jeans H&M shirt Zara bag Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses