The snow leopard in me!

King Winter is coming… So, I started preparing myself against the cold. Gloves: check! Scarf: check! Awesome faux fur coat: hell yeah!

I think we all know it by now: never enough faux fur! So, I brought out the best snow leopard in me! Softness: check! Fluffiness: check! Warmth: hell, yeah! I am sure that, this winter, I won’t have cold! I am ready! Now, we only have to wait till it starts snowing ; ) (That was a lot of exclamation signs)

Photos by Lara Moore

Leopard faux fur coat: Kamy Hat Blouse: Monki Pants: Monki Bag: Karl Lagerfeld Glittersocks: Monki Shoes: Bestelle Watch: Fossil (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses