The overview

At the end of the year, it is always time for an overview! I could do a rant about my ‘crappy’ moments or the few highlights I had this year, but I came to the conclusion that the first category is quite overpowering. So…, we are not going to do that! Instead, I am going to do a little overview of my best (well, in my opinion) blog posts of this year!

While writing this I also came to the conclusion that this might be a bit ‘cringy’ to look at my post from a year ago. If you see some writing/spelling/grammar mistakes … well, that was me a year ago! And I really hope that my writing had improved! (Just kidding, *has improved ;))

(That last joke is also quite cringy!)



What’s up with my hand hahaha!


FALL ’18

And of course a big thanks to you for being here and standing by my side! Love you all to the sun and back!

Butterfly kisses