@ the laundrette

Taking pictures in a laundrette, is something that I always wanted to do hahaha 😉 So, here they are! Yet another thing that I can check off my bucket list *woohoo*

As you can see this time I didn’t go for a typical classy look, like I usually do. I went ’90s casual, like I call it, a style which perfectly blends in with the old school, DIY vibe of the laundrette (btw how fancy is that word, though).

Fashion is multifaceted, so why not take advantage of that? I don’t really like to put myself in the same box every single day. So, just occasionally, I go for a nineties vibe, just because I feel like it!

More about the clothing pieces themselves. The sweater I am wearing is a cropped one by &otherstories, which I bought in the winter sales. And I love it! Furthermore, I am wearing an old school mom jeans and Converse All-stars ( btw, how well do these match with the paint! It was a coincidence, I swear!) And as the cherry on the pie: my ‘Gaëlle baseball jacket’. We were very lucky no-one came in, otherwise it would have been very awkward 😉



Photos by Lara Moore

&otherstries hoodie, Monki jeans, Best Mountain tee, Gaëlle baseball jacket, Converse All stars shoes, Fossil watch (de westhoek

Butterfly kisses