The gloss by Jeffree Star

It has been a while and my apologies for that, but studies go first! (Without a doubt!) Ok, normally I don’t make a lot of beauty post, because I am not ‘so experienced’ with it. But this one deserves a special post!

Ok, now that I built up some tension… let me introduce you to ‘The Gloss‘ by Jeffree Star! I am not the biggest gloss person, although I like some good old Burt’s Bees (the vanilla one, please). If I sporadically use one, it is usually just a toneless, neutral one. Time to switch things up: a topaz glittery one AKA CRYSTAL CLIMAX! I am an Autumn brunette type of person so topaz is part of my ‘color palette’. (You know the tones that fit your type) and I am crushing so hard.

A little more about the gloss itself. The smell is unquestionably delicious, they should bottle it! Oh, or as an aroma diffuser (Wow, I just blew my own mind!). The product is compact and has a lovely smooth brush. It’s not super sticky (my impression). When you are going to dinner… you better do a little touch up afterwards, but I guess that’s normal. Overall, it looks amazing (if I say so myself), you feel fabulous BUT be aware the product is so addictive! 😉

Photos made by me with a very ‘crafted’ set up

Special thanks to Michelle Pairon and her mom, because she brought me one from Vegas! Thank you so much!

The gloss (Crystal Climax) by Jeffree Star