Sweet desires

I promised to dedicate a post to my new straw bag, so here it is! You could already see my bag over here and here and here!

I have been looking for THE straw bag for over a year. But I couldn’t find the right shape, size or colour. Till, I bumped into this little cutie. And if I say bumped into, I really mean bumped into! Totally by accident and there was only one left! That is the moment you know that it is just meant to be and you must take it. Especially, when the price tag says ‘€19,99’!

Till now, I haven’t regretted my purchase for a single second. To add a higher fashion factor/let the bag match my outfit better, I added a little scarf to it. I would love to give you the link to the H&M, but I can’t find it online.

Another fashion update is that I finally found a new pair of golden shoes. This time open loafers! Perfect for when you are having blisters.

H&M bag and scarf Elisir shoes Civion sunglasses

Butterfly kisses