Summer is just around the corner

Sometimes summer is in your mind and you just have to let it out, even when it is still spring 😉

Tomorrow, I am having my last class! I know, everything went so fast. I met a whole bunch of awesome people and had so many cool experiences! The coming days, I will isolate myself in a study bubble over here, thanks to study360.

Enough about all the school related stuff. More about fashion. The city temperatures force me to dress up light and breezy. This time, I decided to pull this little cute shirt with flower shaped rhinestone details out of my closet. It has waited for me since last summer, I guess. Blue is going to be the it color this summer, according to Vogue! So, I decided to go all the way 😉 But, I put a belt on to break the overall blue look a bit. Last but not least, I added this cute straw bag with which I am in love with ♥ ( More about the bag will follow soon 😉 )

Photos by Lara Moore

Zara shirt Noisy May (Asos) skirt H&M bag and scarf Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses