Strawberry spring?!

This week was soooo hot, that I melted! Time to make a quick summer outfit chance!

I adore spring mornings: singing birds, chilly mornings, soft noons, … But all the sudden, the weather decided to skip the two last. Bye, ‘Should I wear a jacket in the morning?’ thoughts. Hello, ‘I really need to cool down’ thoughts.

Beside cooling down, a space party and a school task, I really needed to update my closet too. This week, one of my outfits to brace the heath was this lovely flowy wrap dress and some bright sunglasses. It’s my first wrap dress since…I can remember! The dress hung in my closet for a while, waiting for the perfect weather. Well, I think I should not have waited any longer. After this strawberry spring, I wonder for which next weathersurprise I will have to brace myself 😉

H&M wrap dress Civion sunglasses silver loafers Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses