My Copenhagen Fashion Week day 1 experience

How on earth did a tiny Y-list blogger like me end up at Copenhagen Fashion week?! Well, my thoughts exactly 😉

I honestly just had nothing to lose and filled in all the press accreditations. I thought that not a single show/ presentation/ … would ever accept me, but that turned out differently!

Day 1, the flight was so early, but I still was so tense that I wasn’t going to make the first presentation. I had an hour to get off the plane, get changed (at the airport bathroom), find the venue,… long story short: SHE WAS TOO EARLY! (Note to future self: you can walk in and out of presentations whenever you want, they hardly ever start right on time and smile)

Pseudonym, an eclectic male fashion brand with a huge preference for a combination of sport and class. Presented in a tiny place full of smelly flowers, which gave the collection an androgyne/ feminine touch. I really liked it, even because of the fact that it’s far out of my comfort zone.

In the meantime, I received a mail that I could enter the graduate show of the Scandinavian academy of fashion design. The people there were more statement dressed, which I love to see. The show was great and there were some great eccentric pieces that blew my mind and some bwabwa pieces (my opinion). After the show, your girl got streetstyled!!! I was literally trying to hold 2 magazines, a flower, my phone, my purse, and my whole act together. The sad thing: I can’t find the pictures, hahaha so stupid!

Next up, Soeren Le Schmidt, a show which took place on the other side of Copenhagen, which made me miss another presentation. I also didn’t see anyone I talked to at the other events… I really felt ‘related’ to the clothes and there wasn’t one item of which I thought naah! The fabrics were the bomb, hot pink and aquarelle, YES! After the show, I gathered all my courage and talked to the designer, who turned directly at me! Like what! I acted a little cringy (did we expect anything else?) He was so kind, that I was genuinely shocked!

And that was all for day one more is coming soon, of course!

Outfit 1: Etam hoodie h&m pants Tommy Hilfiger shoes

Outfit 2: Zara blouse Fendi tie Dexters skirt Monki socks Pullandbear shoes

With a special thanks to Oona Antwerp for saving my life

Butterfly kisses