My 5 beauty essentials

When I start a new day I always begin with my morning-beauty-ritual and therefore I use these 5 essential beauty products.

First I clean my face and I apply my Nivea Creme. I couldn’t survive a day without, even if I were on a deserted island that is the one thing I would take with me. I always have little Nivea Creme jars with me in case of emergency. *you never know*

Then I apply foundation. Tip: don’t use a sponge it will absorb all your foundation. You can better use your fingers or a pencil. After this I apply my concealer (sometimes really necessary).

Sometimes, I put some eyeshadow one. (Love my Naked palette). If not I just apply mascara. Followed by my eyebrow pencil.

As a finishing touch I put my perfume on. I love to wear ‘La petite robe noire’ from Guerlain or the basic Abercrombie and Fitch No. 1 perfume.

And I am ready to kick off another awesome day ; )

Butterfly kisses