Living the ultimate jeans life at Copenhagen Fashion week

At this moment, I am having a severe cold. Thanks to Pukkelpop, the festival I attended last weekend. The perfect time to reflect on my Copenhagen adventure and one of my looks.

The most exciting part about fashion week is that you can completely be you and wear whatever you want literally. Something I always wanted to do since high school. I told myself I did NOT want to have any sort of regrets based on the fact that I didn’t go all the way. So, I full send it!

You may have seen my first look in my previous post, a look that was TOTALLY 210% me! Well, here is another one! To be honest with you, I don’t own these clothes unfortunately, because DAMN, I love this look

A huge jeans cape! I did in fact realize that I was probably going to melt like a snowman in the summer, but that was not going to stop me! Jeans is back from never-really-been-gone. Besides that, we all know that I love to wear dresses. (Was the original intention of the designer a dress? I genuinely don’t know hahaha)

The shape of the cape/ dress is very wide, to bring some contrast I chose for slim and tight-fitting pieces such as a biker short and sock boots to combine it with. I didn’t melt as much as I expected 😉 And


Facon Jacim cape Monki shorts Tito necklace Fossil watch Primark earrings

Thanks to Oona Antwerp for providing me these clothes

Butterfly kisses