GsËLLE x Hunkemöller: The sport edition!

OK! First of all, I am beyond pumped about this post! So, put those trainers on and lets jump right into it! (Ok, now I am exaggerating, just… continue reading 😉 ) 

Sports and I always had a love-hate relationship. So, for a couple of years, I am trying to find the right balance between enjoying it and the typical “OMG, I can’t do this anymore, I am dying” feeling. Over my entire life I did: athletics, dance, wall-climbing, horseback riding, … And now, I am going to ‘The yogafactory’ (where I do like a workout in class and I can assure you, it is HARD!) and the gym. (If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably seen some footage already) And I must say that I am really enjoying it, even if I sometimes still have the ‘I am going to die’ feeling’. But, it is fun to see yourself evolve (in the beginning, I couldn’t even do the movements with the 1kg weights and I lost a few kilos).

When doing sports you need an outfit (of course!) I, personally am a huge fan of Hunkemöller and I nearly always wear them to do sports. So, when they asked for a collab, I was totally in for it! The thing I love about their clothing is that it really fits nicely, it is very stretchy, comfortable and on top of that, it’s just very pretty and feminine! Doing sports in an outfit you feel good in, really gives you so much more confidence.

The things I am crushing on in this look are: the colors, ideal for fall, very feminine and project some fierceness. Furthermore, I also really adore the shiny fabric of the pants (very daring, I know, but sometimes you just have to go for it!) And not to forget the cute details, like the ribbons on the sleeves <3! With this look, I combined a grey Ice watch, which has a sporty vibe and my gym shoes of course (Please, don’t mind the color)

Photos by Valerie Van Gramberen

Hunkemöller sportswear Nike shoes De Westhoek bracelet (Karma) and watch (Ice watch)

Special thanks to Hunkemöller and De Westhoek for this amazing opportunity!

I only collaborate with brands after which I stand and can reflect myself in!

Butterfly kisses