Gold is my favourite colour! That is something you don’t hear every day ; ) Maybe some of you are wondering why…well it so shinny, unique and it gives your look a nice twist with just a little touch.

For me it is a colour which is recurrent in my outfits and looks. So, why not dedicate a post to it?

Let me introduce you to my golden shoes, there is a big chance that when you see me I am wearing these shoes. I know they are a bit worn, but I actually can’t find other golden shoes. And I am a bit attached to them.

My other favourite golden piece of clothing is my golden raincoat. I bought it at Rock Werchter for a small price. It was love at first side, no more words needed!

So, I created a golden look which obviously includes my shoes and my raincoat.

Hope you like it ; )

Butterfly kisses


Jacket: Market @Rock Werchter Bomber jacket: Des petits hauts Shirt: Hard Rock Cafe Los Angeles Jeans: Hollister Socks: Bazart Watch: Fossil @de westhoek Shoes: Bestelle