From the thrift store

Until a few months ago, I never really went to a thrift store before. You could already see my thrifted Gaëlle-jacket over here. And here are a few catches, who call out my inner Macklemore 😉  from my most recent thrift store spree.

Ok, to start with I bought a white cable-knit sweater. I saw some cool looks with it on the gram so I thought… let’s do it! The price was about 8 euros, I guess. You really can’t see that it is thrifted and it is a classic piece.

The second thing, which I actually got a few months later, (and I am really pumped about) is an oversized jeans Levi’s jacket! And I adore it! It was exactly what I was looking for. The fact that it is thrifted just makes it complete. I got it for about 17 euros, which is a real bargain!

Think twice Levi’s jacket and cable knit sweater  Monki Jeans borrowed glasses from a friend 

Butterfly kisses