Collar with some color

Today I am going to keep it simple with a touch of DIY! I decided it was getting time to put some creativity in my outfits again. And maybe also because I was bored and I had the right material. Right material?! Yes, the only thing I used was an old shirt and some pearls.

I made my very own collar! Collars are one of THE trends this Autumn! The only thing I did was cutting off the sleeves and the bottom half. And as a finishing touch I put some pearls on ‘the collar wings’.

I combined my collar with a simple but very classy sous-pull and some pair of jeans. I hope you got inspired to bring a bit of DIY in your everyday look.

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Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger Sous-pull: Tommy Hilfiger Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch Shoes: DL Sport Watch: Fossil (de westhoek)

Photos by Lara Moore

Butterfly kisses