Balance between the checks

Hey there

Maybe you are wondering what I bought in sales season. Well, I actually didn’t really have time to go for the full sales experience ( looking in every corner of the store, doing the salesmath, getting frustrated in the queue,..), because I had exams.

So, I choose for the risky solution…online shopping! Where I bought this H&M slightly flared check trousers (Trend alert: checks!). An item which I wouldn’t wear a year ago! And I honestly really like it. I combined my check trousers with a new & Other stories lila knit (post will follow!) and my beloved faux fur coat and the Gaëlle purse.

Maybe you are wondering:”Why those Timberland shoes, it looks so sunny!” The truth is that, this look was the one I was wearing in Poland (post will follow), and I still wanted to share it with you. But, I couldn’t shoot it there, because I didn’t have a decent camera with me ( ; So, here it is! On a sunny day!

Photos by Lara Moore

H&M check trousers Zara faux fur coat & Other stories knit Timberland shoes Gaëlle purse Fossil watch (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses