Autumn desert dreams

Sometimes, you see a piece of clothing in the store and you think by yourself: ‘Hmm… should I wear something special like that?’ And on that point I sometimes just go for it! That is exactly how it went with this blouse.

I immediately fell in love with the details and the embroidery. And then I didn’t mention the sleeves yet. The blouse has like a Marrakech-vibe. So, why not combine that with an industrial setting… ‘de waagnatie'(to make it even more crazier)! I combined this stunning blouse with (what a surprise) my golden sneakers.  In the future, I think I have to step more out of my comfort zone and choose more special pieces or pieces which I usually wouldn’t wear. Now, I mainly have basic, cute or girly pieces in my closet. By becoming an adult (wow, that sounds old), should belong more mature clothes, I think. So, the hunt is on…

Photos by Lara Moore

Blouse: Zara Pants: Vero Moda Shoes: Bestelle Watch: Fossil (de westhoek)

Butterfly kisses