2 milestones in 1 week

This week I reached 2 milestones! Not only did I turn 18, I also bought my first non-skinny pants! Isn’t that worth a party?

It has been years since I have worn my last non-skinny pants. And I know you are all wondering ‘WHY?’ Well, I just didn’t feel comfortable in it. I found it was less supportive and it had something clumsy. I have been looking for the right pants for a whole time. I have tried and tried and retried multiple pieces in different shapes and colors, but it just didn’t go well. Last weekend I ordered one online (huge risk, I know), but it ended quite well! I feel comfortable, fashionable and maybe still a bit clumsy, but maybe that is just my bad ; )

The button up pants are super handy. You can wear it as a street look or in  a classy way. Definitely a must!









Photos by Lara Moore

Pants: Loavies Je m’en fous tee: Best Mountain Jeans jacket: Tsar B (singer) Glittersocks: & Other stories Shoes: DL Sport Watch: Fossil (de westhoek) Earrings: H&M

Butterfly kisses